Here we have our beautiful "New Girl " Mayfushang Menawa  a Chocolate Tortie Oriental Spotted Tabby. She came to live with us summer 2004.
Her father is Gr.Ch. Sarnau Johpasquali 
her mother Joyjewel Atsina

Now to look at Kittens

Back to the Boys

Champion Chikua Polka Dot - an Oriental Cinnamon Tortie. Her father is our Grand Champion Sinsianna Maximus and her mother Sinsianna Mary Rose. 
Dotty is the first ever Champion Oriental Cinnamon Tortie

Here is Chikuai Minniemus.
Her father is Grand Champion Sinsianna Maximus and her mother Chikuai Stellabystarlight

Introducing Mafdet Moet. A Chocolate Tabby Point.
Her father is Champion Mafdet Cartouche and her mother Champion Mafdet Tomboy.
She is an extremely affectionate girl, very active and helps with everything we do!! 

Here is Limitededition Chikuaiblu.
A Blue Point Siamese. 
Her father is Applejack Limitededition a Seal Point Siamese and her mother is Limitededition Simpkin a Lilac Point Siamese.
She has a very affectionate temperament, and loves having kittens around her. 

Shermese Black Mystique 
Her father is Grand Champion Swanky Simpson, a Seal Point Siamese and her mother is Sunjade Serena, a Cinnamon Oriental.

Menawa is a very bubbly kitten, full of life and very active, she delights in chasing anything that moves!

We have two "New Girls" Mayfushang Menawa and  Johpas Hopesndreams
We hope to have kittens from them later this year.  A couple of the Oriental girls above will be retired during the year.

Our other gorgous "New Girl" is Johpas Hopesndreams a Red Point Siamese.
She came to live here January 2005
Her father is Ch. Siau Tsj'oe Red Little Dipper
her mother Ch. Johpas Justpeachy

At the time of writing Hopesndreams - to be known as "Lucy" has only been with us a couple of days. She has made herself completely at home.  We think that she & Menawa will soon join forces. At present they are just a little wary of each other, but we are sure they will soon be racing around the bungalow like a pair of maniacs


Stop Press - 23rd April 2005
Menawa became a Champion today at the Bedford and District Cat Club show.
She achieved this honour in her first three straight shows.